Toenail.... Running types in here

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Toenail.... Running types in here

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OK running types, here's a question.

The weather recently has been rubbish and so I've not been out doing my fast walks very often. That lack of exercise, my injury and everything else that's gone on has caused me to expand like a balloon connected to a very powerful pump.

But over the last few days, I've been able to walk again and so I've been out.

Some years ago, I lost the toenail on the second toe on my right foot (careless, I know) and when it grew back, it came extra thick and appeared to be two layers, as though there are two nails there, one on top of the other.

After my last couple of walks, I noticed that my toe was a bit sore and on inspection, that nail had probably got a little longer than it should have. I've trimmed it back as best I can but I've noticed it's started going black (again) and that it's probably going to drop off (again). With it trimmed back, it doesn't hurt any more, it's just not pretty.

I thought I'd gone past the phase of having fewer than the normal number of toenails but it seems it's not to be.

Is this common? I'm using the same model trainers I've been using for years. I was fitted for them and so I'm fairly sure they're OK.

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Re: Toenail.... Running types in here

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Ouch! I can’t really help as it’s never happened to me (I have lost toenails to running though!)

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